Friday, November 26, 2010

cum back kid

This poor guy was in Brad Posey's Screen Test #?? (maybe it's less humiliating for him if I don't tell you, so you can't see what happens, and just have to take my word for it. He could deny it if you confront him. Maybe not. I've never met him. Have you?). I think he said something about being punk rock?

Screen Test is one of my favourite series, because you can tell that the photographer has done these interviews (literally "casting couches") a million times. He asks each model the same questions, in the same order, and at the same moments. He has it down to a science, and often times guys give the same answers (16 is the average age most of his models lost their virginity at).

My favourite is when he asks "When was the last time you cummed?". I usually mute it when I can tell he's gonna ask if they're gay or straight. I'd rather not know. If they're cute, to me they're straight. And they're only doing it for the money. And they're not gonna call me, or give me drama, or snap their fingers, or flip their hair, or talk about divas.

They're already naked before he's done with the questions, then he gives the guys the option of where they wanna jerkoff, and what kinda porn they wanna watch. It's typical solo stuff, except Posey is very inspired by Bruce Weber, so he gives us some cool angles. As cool as you could show in a middle-aged Cali-homo's living room. Often he'll offer the guys a hand, or mouth, to finish the scene, but quickfire editing saves us the visual, so we can tell that it's gonna happen, but don't have to see as he defiles these yummy dummies.

This guys is unique for a few reasons. Not just because he shakes a double-shaka twice in his scenes, but he actually comes twice for the camera. In fact he has to come to the studio twice, because in his first scene, he orgasms but it's not obvious. The camera wasn't ready, and the dude's load was kinda small. In fact Posey calls it a "non-cumshot". How shame. So hot.

So the second picture above is from his second session, when he comes back to give us what we paid for. The "money shot" if you will.

[Scroll down this page if you wanna see where Sebastian, aka Simon Rex, aka "Dirt Nasty" got his start getting himself off. I love the way his balls disappear when he lays flat on his back.]

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