Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the lighter side of the falling sky

I will soon not have the job I've held for about 6 years. Nor will I have a place of residence. No car. And I think I'll be officially single. So much will be new.

I've heard life begins at what was I doing all this time? And what's upp next? I think I'm ready. But am I prepared?

To kinda get how I feel, read the rose-coloured instructions between the videos below. Kinda Dark Side of the Rainbow aka Dark Side of Oz-ish.)

Works best on a big screen, because my feelings of ex-static ennui are that immensely intense.

Happy New Year, y'all!

(Hit Play and then Pause both videos. Wait until they're fully loaded, then hit Play on the second one, below. About 10 seconds in, hit Play on the top one above.)


Anonymous said...

I followed your instructions on watching these 2 videos together... Gave me chills. There's a certain beauty in the uncertainty of life, isn't there?

Her said...

Chicken skin.....