Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Moola Eating in Public

It took me a while to relax for this episode. Me & my guest hostess Malia Slusarenko (also known as Ms. Martini, amongst other aliases) had just shot an episode during which I interview Malia one on one. My co-hostess Edna Mc Man had her own little episode, and took a hiatus, but has returned ready to rumble. Hopefully we'll shoot again soon. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy. Ronnie Rucker of Beneath Everything Radio loves Malia's "Shame the State" comment.

Our guests were Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma of "Eating in Public"
Per Gaye's request I'm gonna post the days the show is scheduled to air (that don't mean it will, but after, it should be On Demand. Whatever, you'll see it soon somehow.) Hopefully on
Thursday nights @ 11:59pm HT on Channel 52.
[Thurs March 4, 11, 18 & 25]

ShakaTalk #9 Eating In Public part 1 of 3

I had to change lyrics to reflect that there was only one cock-in-frock for this episode. Felt weird. But Malia's smile is so illuminating, and Nandita & Gaye were so comfy & cute I didn't have a meltdown. Of course I asked them if their collaborative anarchism make them terrorists, which may have taken them aback for a second, but Gaye was quick to point out "only if you get scared". Their project "Eating in Public" seeks to "problematize the concept of public within public space."

I'll keep editing. Gotta go work. Just watch if you have time. Or else I'll synopsize when can.

ShakaTalk #9 Eating In Public part 2 of 3

ShakaTalk #9 Eating In Public part 3 of 3

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Iris Star Chamberlain said...

Your comments section is too barren! I'm so glad you guys had Nandita and Gaye on your show. I'm really charmed so I'll be watching more - really looking forward to it!