Monday, January 7, 2008

MAC 247 @ the Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio on 01-06-08

I took my friend Ty out to eat to discuss his break upp. I guess I didn't have to offer to treat, but since I did, maybe I shoulda picked someplace not in a hotel.

I hear their pancakes are huge, and you get quite a few. For $14, it's probbly not wise to order something I don't really like. Waffles, maybe, but pancakes are too mushy for me.

Plus we had to valet the car, since it was late at night, and there's really no parking around, except for meters, so I guess the convenience outweighed the extra expense.
It was a weekday night. I guess they'd already closed the main dining room, so we all sat at the number of booths across from the bar. Our table had a TV on it, but we pretty much ignored it, since all it was showing was sports.
The white cheddar mac and cheese was comfy. Well done squiggly noodles in a creamy mild melted cheese, with firm perfectly cooked peas, and a lightly crispy topping.

The grilled salmon I liked. A little too salty, but the flavour of the small kine burnt lines from the grill balanced it out, kinda like pepper. I wish the asparagus was firmer, and the mashed potatoes lumpier, but overall, the whole plate was tasty, simple, and filling. I had to take some home with me.
Ty didn't wanna eat much 'cause since he was so uppset about the break-upp, he was gonna whore it upp at Hula's. I had to visit the bathroom a few times, 'cause the first time some beach bum had taken over the sink as his bath tub. The second time, I had to cut the rope 'cause someone came in. It was the janitor, but I pulled my cap over my eyes when I came outta the stall to wash my hands.
No one's problems got solved that night, but the food was inoffensive, Ty didn't shed no tears, and my last fart wasn't wet. (doug upp)

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