Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not Next Door, but down the street

For rumours too many to mention, Next Door night club, is temporarily CLOSED. Whether for just a few months, or longer, who knows, but a regular ND favourite has already found a new home:

Kaleidoscope: After two years, and a recent locale change, promoter Josh86 and DJ Ross Jackson are still giving you more indie rock than you knew you needed. And this time (for now) it's FREE!!!

If you haven't been to the Loft, it's just down Hotel at Mauna Kea in the old Wo Fat Chinese restaurant where my old friend Kristien used to have shows back in the day.

The whole place got gutted, and now has a loungey, but not uber-bougie atmosphere. They just got their liquor license, and opened upp a sushi bar, so along with the Kaleidoscope kids, the staff at the Loft are adjusting to their new digs as well.

This video by Sharks and Rays kinda conveys Kaleidoscope's essence, in different environs (with the same effluent ego)

Kaleidoscope, Tuesdays at the Loft 115 N. Hotel St. 9pm to 2am (21+) FREE!!!

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