Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woebama Shaka -bacca

Ya, so I borrowed these images from my huzzbin's blog (I'm on a Flip trip again, ok?), it just gets me fired upp when any artist with a point of view ain't afraid to put it out there.

This time I'm trippin' on local cutie turned West Coast phenomenon and on, Aaron Martin, aka Angry Woebots, aka Angst Woebotsaka Timer, aka Army of Snipers with a Pocket Full of Monsters...for days! Anon he's not.

Aaron was asked to contribute a piece to the Manifest Hope Gallery by Yosi Sargent, the same guy who influenced Shepard Fairey to create something for the Obama campaign and uppsurged the wave of artists supporting another local boy blowin' upp.

Woebots' imagery is immediately recognizable (yet evidently ever-evolving), having graced the walls of many shops and galleries, making their way onto hats, shoes, shirts, and skatedecks, among other surfaces.
For sure Woebots is famous for his many panda incarnations, but he ain't afraid to experiment and expand his repertoire,
while he whimsically documents his creational activities.
And that's it already. We kinda know each other, and I don't need another guy to think I'm like totally stalking him. Aaron's not my T. He's just bad ass! But good boy, dat one. Nice him, I telling you.

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