Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feast Your Eyes

Last week my roomie Stephanie moved out, but not before inviting me to "Press Night" for The Cherry Blossom Cabaret's new show "Varietease: Feast of the Gods". I never made my press pass in time, but got in to the show with no problem. I'm gonna make me a Press Pass anyway and see what it gets me. (click the photos to see 'em bigger)
The show opened with a duel between good and bad, as the rest of the show seemed to teeter on that same vertiginous verge. Whether it was forces or just faces and asses, you can't have virtue without evil, and all were on display in one way or another.
The Beast beholden Beauty
We're all big fans of her booty
Fans for flights, as in this fanciful Phoenix's follies.
Sexy and silly to spread joy as much as jollies.
Birds of a feather, Lola Love proudly pranced and danced
while this exotic beauty entranced us with shakti-style shimmies and shakes and I love her modern take on this classic traditional style with a modern-industrial smile.
After chowing down on Chocolate Jesus, Miss Kitty Chow taunts and teases with such elegant elan and ease it's easy to get swept upp in the sway of her hands and hips

with a hustle in her bustle and allure as strong as muscle you'll never fuss over this pussy cat
As in life and literature light and dark battle, and the most colourful of creatures, could be the coldest of killers as Violetta Baretta's vengeful vendetta manifested itself with a sobering sabre-swinging saga to seal the evening with a kiss of death.
sometimes throughout the show, lovely little lass Mishy Le Fleur could be noticed while unseen,
quite like this how-dare-she barely-there sheer shiny sheathe she shined in.
post mortem, it's fun to unwind and find the goddesses got their mortal vices, and decidedly dastardly down to earth demeanour.
Cherry Blossom Cabaret and Smashbox present
Varietease: Feast of the Gods
Saturday April 25
@ Loft [corner of Maunakea & N. Hotel]
$15 Pre-Sale
$20 at Door
(Midnight After Party with The Deadbeats & DJ Mr. Nick)

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