Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ho Down (Part 1)

Posting a video of myself may seem a little self indulgent/desperate, but I might do it all month. It's part of my therapy, and hopefully they'll relate to each topic/theme:

(Video from BBJ's 808Scene)

According to Odyssey Magazine, April is National Poetry Month. Plus last month on March 3, it was International Sex Workers' Rights Day. In observance of both (albeit belatedly), here's a song I wrote about hooking downtown. The story goes: one night a date picks me upp, it turns out to be some lesbian I mistook for a dude who thought he was picking upp a real girl. I still woulda done it since she already paid, but she had some kinda crisis and hurt me. My friend Otto, bassist in our old band Imminent Riot named the song (at about 2:50 in video)


I know that I could never be like
the kinda girl who rides on a bike
that kisses chicks in leather and spikes
because that kinda girl is a dyke

and I am a dude
so when I get nude
it'd be fuckin' rude
if you'd say "No thank you!"

So if you catch me pooching downtown
Oh Please, don't lepo me to the ground
'cause you know I just wanna get down
and let you feel my bumps and my mound

Your attitude
is that of a prude
I'm in the mood to be lude

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BBQ LAND said...

yall already know what im about. the drumming on PO LICE BRUTALITY