Friday, February 26, 2010


thanks Edna for editing our Olelo Video Contest entry. I never really entered a contest before. The criteria (that I could remember) are that your shows must have premiered and aired in 2009, and you gotta choose from a list of categories, one show per category. Then submit a 5 minute "best of" clip for consideration by Feb 27. I actually got it in with about a week to spare. Hope we didn't rush it. I think it's cute.
I guess we fall under "arts & entertainment", and episodes #1-6 qualify since they premiered last year. I watched each show and wrote down timecodes and notes (my edit decision list), but it was taking forever for Edna to edit that way, so I just let her choose what she thought would work, and I must admit, I'm happy with it. Maybe even impressed. Of course there's lots of stuff we had to leave out, but I think we captured the essence of Shaka Talk.
Wish us luck!

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Jason said...

Shaka Talk! for the win!

Good luck Diar D.R. Rhea (Doctor Rhea?) and Edna McMan!