Monday, June 21, 2010

Let There Be Lite

While I was stalking my huzzbin, I by chance ran across the video you may or may not see below. Hopefully the link works. When I seen it, at first I didn't think this was real. Now I'm having problems embedding it in this blog post.

Yung Matt vs Kidd Zoom

So as I watched that guy "Yung Matt" fumble with his shoes, I just thought he was one of those black guys who couldn't dance. They're more common than you know.

Then a couple minutes in I watched the second guy, Kidd Zoom aka Kid Zoom, who it seems might be in some kinda trouble(?) Right away after seeing him move, I knew this was legit. So I checked out the page it was from

$paceMan and $ Gotti Present LitefeetTV

Friday Nite Light, is apparently a dance party that features a style of moves called "Lite Feet". The dances evolved in New York City, and like many street-inspired arts, it became a competitive sport, just like skating, break dancing, freestyle rhyming, even graffiti & fighting, etc. To release all that energy, "don't fight, get lite".

Get Lite Video pt. 1

Like all types of dancing, there are popular groups, and inevitably stars emerge from them. I'm late to this sensation, and don't wanna act like I know, but I guess from the following video critique of a recent battle, someone named "Swiss" aka "Mr Youtube" must be a legendary dancer. "K MAC" of Fast Food Club believes that Swiss's moves are old, he's embarrassing himself, should step upp his game or retire.

Lite Feet Controversy (2 EAZY vs MR.YOUTUBE)

Mr Youtube must be someone influential for someone to record his own video commentary, while watching him dance on youtube. He even got top billin' for his interview in a brief "documentary" about Lite Feet.

Lite Feet Documentary

According to the guy in the documentary, Lite Feet is a combination of dances, including the Chicken Noodle Soup... well as the Tone Whop...

...and the Harlem Shake among others. (this video's a farce, but I guess you've made it once white people figure out how to make money on you)

While I appreciate the call & respond improvised chat of the MC during the dance, one song producer who's become popular is Tye Trillion, with his monotonous mixes & viral videos, he gives you a pretty good picture of what is really goin' on.

Tye Trillion - Hit Me Kick Me (Official) Video

Bag a Trix - Tye Trillion

While I'm always incredulous to hear there's a new dance, expecially since I'm not a good dancer myself, I don't think I'd have given as much attention to Lite Feet, if not for one aspect of it: the shoe tricks. Yung Matt from the first video way above caught my eye but Kidd Zoom got me hooked, and it's now 9am. I saw that first video about 5 hours ago, and I'm barely finishing this blog. I'm obsessed!

The following video is top rated on Friday Nite Light's youtube channel. If you've got 9 minutes, I'd say its worth it. Kinda like ravers & their glowsticks, I thought it was ridiculous at first. Then as I watched each performer, I noticed each has his own style, rhythm & technique. Each dancer & his tricks get better as the video goes on, and if you've never seen this before, whether you appreciate it or not, how could you forget it? It's so funny, it's FIERCE!

40 Cal Vs Nae Davis

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