Thursday, March 17, 2011


We finally moved into our new place, but it ain't easy getting online upp here. Sorry for the delay. We were pre-empted by tsunami warnings last week, so we get a special bonus airing on a different channel this week.

Photographer Cheyne Gallarde of Firebird Photo is probbly the first friend I've made through social networking, and he turned out to be really cool. He's a performer, designer, photographer, stylist, and geek. Told you he was cool.

We had been hoping to have him on our show, but I'm always kinda shy when approaching possible guests, because a lotta people think they're too cool for public access TV. But Cheyne's so cool, people asked if he'd been on our show, so it was kind of a mutual invitation/request. I'm happy, because we had so much fun.

We still haven't seen the pics from our shoot, so hopefully we'll be able to post them soon. So busy dat one.

Shaka Talk - Cheyne Gallarde ~ Part 1 of 3

Shaka Talk - Cheyne Gallarde ~ Part 2 of 3

Shaka Talk - Cheyne Gallarde ~ Part 3 of 3

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