Sunday, July 3, 2011

No Joke

The boys are back in town. Prometheus Brown and Bambu de Pistola of Blue Scholars will be performing live at In4mation Pearlridge to celebrate the release of their new album "Walk Into a Bar". I've seen & heard their name a lot, so I assume they've played here plenny, but I rarely get to see them. In fact, I only seen them once, and that was at TooGruvz to promote the release of their Hawaii-inspired EP, endearingly entitled "OOF!".

Not too many people were there that day, so if you missed it, Edna recorded their set for us. If I don't make it to their show this time, I hope someone records it and lets us know. #iluvmyhuzzbin

Blue Scholars at TooGruvz - "Bananas"

Blue Scholars at TooGruvz - "HI 808"

Blue Scholars at TooGruvz - "Cruz"

And here's a video of HI 808, with some cameos by cuties Aaron Honozooloo, that Mad Sexy Beast Lofa, Lightsleeper Kavet the Catalyst & major iKandy Christina.

Blue Scholars - HI-808

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