Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grant for the Takin'

I'm sorry Grant! I hope you don't think we were taking you for granted. I think you're smart and talented, that's why I asked you to be on Shaka Talk. But I had a break down, and kinda drifted from blogging. I owe you.

Grant Uchida is a singing comedian, who writes his own songs, but is kinda more popular for his song parodies. Not only are his versions funny, but I also like the way he tries to shed light on touchy subjects. Most people like to lecture others about topics they feel strongly about. Grant uses humour to approach the issues, like stalking, teen pregnancy, and being broke ass.

Grant makes other videos, like his new series"Blame it on the Writers", and he also provides the voice for the main character, in our August guest ~ muppephile ~ Dane Neves's newest movie, "Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii". So his fanbase is growing.

I don't know what else he has upp his sleeve, but his wit and drive will probbly make him more familiar to local people, and probbly beyond. He cool.

(photo by Cheyne Gallarde of Firebird Photo)

Uppdate: December 23, 2011

Produced in only 14 hours, just in time for Xmas, Grant upploaded the video for his latest original song "Ho Ho Holy Crap (Commercialized Christmas)".

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