Wednesday, February 20, 2008

APB (Aala Park Boardshop) 183 N. King Street, 585-8538

Aala Park Boardshop Having settled into their new digs at the prime threshold to downtown, Chad Hiyakumoto and Rob Carlyon are still runnin' things and enjoying more exposure and foot traffic. Their store features many dastardly designs gracing everything from skateboards to t-shirts and accessories. There's a vast array of shoes (Choke Nike), with occasional limited edition styles available only at APB. Copping attitude without arrogance, they cater to everyone from old school fools, to young upp & comers. They're even expanding their selection of girl stuffs.

A recent achievement is their finally released DVD "The Struggle".

The movie premiered last December '07, at rRed Elephant Cafe to an SRO crowd,
Small kine rowdy but no ruckus. Chad thanked me for not dressing upp for the occasion. There was some Poetree action going down early on, and raffle tickets at the door. I barely seen Rob around. (I can still stalk him at the store.)
Wayne was there of course. I always only run into him at shows I make a point to see. Like if I struggle to get there, I know I'll get to hang out with Wayne for a skosh'. But I sat with Cavan, Tory and Kai. (I wonder if they bought the DVD yet?)
Was plenny chics too. All kine people, old and young. There goes Gina in the pic above. Her brother Jordan de Oliveira is in the movie, but he was noticeably absent. Probbly off charismating somewhere.
Good thing I mentioned my blog to Chad, he told me just don't quote him 'cause he don't like it. If he hadn't said that, no doubt I woulda brought upp his intro to the movie, how he got the name Struggle, all the hardships and rewards for determination the movie represents in so many ways. One girl in the crowd yells "Stop reading", and after telling her to shut upp, Chad looks back at his script and wonders aloud: "where was I..."
I didn't wanna give away too much and be punished so the only images I'll steal from the movie is the above and below shakas. (Watch the trailer at the beginning of this entry for some skate footage.)

I didn't win nothing the raffle, but Tory and Kai did. Probbly Cavan won too. I lost.

The Struggle DVD is now available at many local surf and skate shops. It's packed with extras, including APB's first two movies "Midnight Mariders" and "lower case" plus more. That's a good deal, on the real! The filmmaking and art direction are innovative, the music impeccable, and the skate footage brutally glorious. Ask around or head on downtown to

Aala Park Boardshop, 185 N. King St, (808) 585-8538, Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-5pm, APB on myspace,

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