Monday, February 18, 2008

"Ukulele Virtuoso" Jake Shimabukuro & his brother Bruce

I first seen Jake perform at a record store. He was a energetic, humble, local boy who almost shocked the crowd by playing everything from Classical to Metallica on ukulele. He's since won awards with the band Pure Heart, gone solo & slicked out his look, released a few albums & videos, and become an international superstar! His passionate playing and playful presence have won the hearts of fans everywhere. Jake's friendly and talented brother Bruce is an upp and coming musician as well.

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Lisa Shiroma said...

I love Jake Shimabukuro! I used to work at Kaimuki High School where Jake graduated from. The ukulele and Hawaiian music classroom was covered with his posters and newspaper articles so it looked like a Jake Shimabukuro shrine! I had the opportunity to meet him last year at my sister's friend's wedding (where he was the best man) and he was so adorable. I was really intimidated by him because he's an international superstar but he actually stuck his hand out to me first to shake, smiled big and said "Thanks for coming to the wedding!" He's totally humble, sweet, and gracious. AND he looked totally hot in his black suit!!!