Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bari Bari 13

Bari Bari 13 make good old classic American Rock-n-Roll, with a Japanese futuristic flavour. At first their heavy Nihongo accents and limited English vocabulary, might sway you to write them off as a novelty act. However, after experiencing Bari Bari 13's gonzo stage show, and spazzing out to their catchy hard-hitting songs, you soon realize, that these leather jacket rocking pompadour shaking showmen are for real!
In fact, seeing them live leaves one with the feeling of being intiated into a motorcycle gang with with a 1950's am radio soundtrack. Not so ironically, these guys are sponsored by none other than 88 Tees, the Japanese recyclable retail store that wrote the book on re-packaging vintage Americana and marketting it to the masses.

Bari Bari 13, Number One Japanese Rock-n-Roll!

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