Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stylus Music & Clothing Exchange, 2615 S. King St, 3rd Floor @ University / King

Stylus Honolulu - I guess taking what he learned working as a music buyer at Jelly's, writer Shawn "Speedy" Lopez, opened upp Stylus Music and Clothing Exchange with my good friend, and frequent house guest Raven Crum. Flighty Raven's gone, spreading her wings (among things) around Philly, so Shawn's holding it down on his own, with some help here and there from a Bear.
How's this gig: In addition to buying and selling all kine new & used records and CDs, Stylus will also give you cash or (a little more) store credit for your lightly worn clothes. (No more Buyer on Sundays.)
But it ain't only used stuff! All the time they get deliveries of choice cuts on new vinyl, as well as fun clothes from cool companies like threadless. I recently seen some Versace suits (or that's what he called them) going cheap for that kine stuffs.Local DIY designers like fiumerepesent,(but I think she's outta town) Cutie little DIY dresses, handmade jewelry, and crafty accessories.
If you can appreciate a man who's good with his feet, pick upp a skate (Invisible Kingdom 1 & 2) or Breaking (BBoy Re-union) DVD.
Now don't just think you can just show upp and pawn off your tired wardrobe and puka panties on them. Shawn checks if it's junk, sorting through sellers' offerings, picking and plucking only the things he knows his customers will like or need (whether they know it or not, I don't know). That there saves shoppers a lot of time and hassle, instead of having to face the musty dusty shelves & shite at some thrift and vintage shops.

So if you think you want a new frock to rock out in the streets, or need new platters to practice your beat mixing or add to your iPod, go upp to Stylus. You get "Cash for Cool Clothes, and Money for your Music." Most of it's one of a kind, and correct him if he's wrong, "90% of what we do is under $10."

Stylus Honolulu, 2615 S. King St #A301, (808)951-4500, Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sundays 11am-5pm (No buyer on Sundays) go on to, or get uppdates myspace

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