Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Public Art @ Young + Piikoi (behind Quintero's)

This huge wall seems to change every so often. It's kinda highly visible, so I wonder the graffiti is illegal. It's on the back parking lot wall of Quintero's Mexican restaurant. However, every time I visit, they're closed so I'm not sure what the story is on who authorizes the artwork.
I wonder how long it took? I wonder how they look. I wonder how to get added to their little and big black books?
I guess the artist or artists go by the name BHIVR, and according to one piece, they are the "Best in Paradise". I haven't seen too many major murals around town (one of the curses of driving), nor have I found any other hivework work elsewhere, but by the many styles of writing they employ, I'd say those in this hive are rather busy bee boys and/or bee girls, hunny!, working on perfecting their craft, to master style, colour and varieties of both. I'm kinda intrigued by the recurring anchors and paw prints.
When I first started snapping pics, someone coming from his job in the building next door told me I should take photos on the weekend when no one's there. I did return and the parking lot was empty, but the same cap I seen a few days earlier was still lying there on the asphalt. The half-smoked cigarette was gone.

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