Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mo' betta den "blog of note" weird. How I going ac'? I jus' wen aks for feedback, son, like Janet Jackson, and HNL Hip Hop jumps and macks on us, pats our backs and such, and I'm all cracked out bus' being upp 24 hours plus and these new frenz of ours just go and say something nice. Like thrice! That shit's more valuable than the price of rice!!! How you like me now? ...So shame. I'm so not a playa in this game. Lame freak. Trying to stay awake on 3 Red Bulls and a green bowl of shake, do not me a free styler make. But I've learned to take a compliment and I'll come right back with an amourous attack and hope to pick upp my own slack to live down their big upp. So nice, dem. *Pees*.

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