Sunday, June 1, 2008

Free Public Drama @ The Library

Instead of looking for things for y’all to do today I found myself looking for a quiet place to work on some of the projects I’ve been trying to finish for some time now. With a list of quiet places to decide from, I chose the Kapolei Public Library. After five minutes, a loud noise and some women screaming, “Guard...Guard!,” I came to the conclusion that I was at an excellent venue for those of you that like impromptu drama and luckily, because my digital camera broke a few days ago, I was able to get video from a library regular who had his video camera ready and got some of the altercation on tape. He agreed to let me use the video, thus bringing y’all the action, with the understanding that I would include his picture and credit to him.

“The Eye Patch Was Suspect Enough For Me”

Ignacio “Nacho” Rodriguez described the scene as a normal day at the library. That is until a man, he [Nacho] decided to call “Theodoro” for conversation purposes, with a crazy eye-patch started banging on the table freaking out on an Asian dude sitting next to him checking his email. Nacho goes on to explain that shortly after the “mouse outburst” “Theodoro” became agitated and started making obscene hand gestures at pretty much everyone surfing the net on the States dime.

It seemed like a split second for the whole library to come alive. I reached for my Holga, snapped off a picture and watched as the security guard came running from downstairs and tried to calm “Theodoro” down. Although the video probably won't make the youtube hall of fame my favorite part is when you see "Theodoro" flash the SHAKA as he tells the security guard to "Chill Out." Anyways below is the video “Nacho” was kind enough to contribute to Shaka Zine.

So if you are looking for a quiet place to get some work done, looking for a book to read, or simply hoping to witness “PUBLIC DRAMA” for free take a trip to the nearest public library. You can’t go wrong.


Ronnie Rucker

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