Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel's Renovation Plans - A Birthday In Waikiki

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Shaka Zine was able to get a sneak peek at how one local couple, Margaret and Rick, celebrated a birthday without the specter of our economic recession ruining it. They were able to take advantage of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s discounted Kama'aina rates due to their upcoming renovation plans to kick off a birthday celebration local style. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is gearing up for 2009 by undergoing a complete renovation, temporarily closing their doors from June 1, 2008 reopening on January 1, 2009.

“The hotel will reopen January 1, 2009 with a new era of redefined luxury”
Margaret hooked us up with her account of their night in Waikiki:

For my 100th B'day we got away to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Pink Palace). First thing we see when we walk in the room, iced champagne & glasses, chocolate covered strawberries and a loaf of their famous Banana Nut Bread! All soooo good with champagne. If all our b'days can be this nice, BRING THEM ON!

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Afffffterrrr enjoying the champagne, strawbeeeries and banana nut bread we got ready for dinner at the Top of Waikiki, a restaurant revolving 360 degrees while you eat.

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A beautiful view of the city and ocean comes free with the dinner. Looking down from way up high we took pictures of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. After dinner we looked up and took a picture of the restaurant against the pretty night sky.

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We went back to the hotel to get the car before heading out for party drinks with friends at the Pearl nightclub.

The next morning we enjoyed the bestesssst Breakfast Buffet; and the rest of our stay was poolside enjoying a siesta with margarita chasers before checking out.

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The interior doors are made of solid KOA with Royal etchings that are quite beautiful and memorable.

After we leave, the hotel will close down for renovations. Our timing was right & special, our stay was wonderful & great and my B'day was all the above.

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