Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hark! Hawk: a Shaka

The log-in page for myspace featured Tony Hawk today. I couldn't see most of the images on his page because of bandwidth or whatever. I remember seeing him in the late 80's at the NBC Arena. But then (as now) I wasn't into haole guys, so me and my friend Holly set out to stalking Sergie Ventura who was also there. (If memory serves me, I think Hosoi was there too, but he was unapproachable, and I always wind upp with Filipinos anyway.) Sergie signed a jacket I had on, and when I would wear it to work, all the middle-age ladies in the office would ooh and ah when I told them what was scribbled on my back. They couldn't believe I had met Sergio Valente. Uh-oh!

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