Friday, November 7, 2008

I love to feel like somebody's watching me, I say " who needs privacy?"

Usually it's a bummer that you can't pick your stalkers, so imagine our paranoid delight when we logged on and found out someone is "following" SHAKA ZINE! It says so on our page, somehow. I think I added a "gidget" or "twatter" or something. For a while it kept saying "be the first to follow this blog", and no one took the bait until now. COOLITY!!!

So we clicked on the thumbnail, and were happy to find Sly Mongoose

Her blog is very what SHAKA ZINE ain't: short and sweet. (closest I ever been to being called that is when my ex-sugardaddy said I was "short, skinny, and crooked", but it wasn't my blog he was ~ahem~ belittling)

I don't get all of her postings, but it's that enigmatism what makes it so more intriguing and exciting. (my gushing's gonna spook her away, watch)

It doesn't end there: Her profile says her name is SM Girl.
OMG, I <3 S & M

Girl even got her own clothing line!!! The designs are more than just "inspired by the islands" too.
There's some kind of subliminal subversiveness to them. Try read the description of the fun-looking 'Pueo':
"Pueo (Asio flammeus sandwichensis) - are a subspecies of short-eared owl endemic to Hawaii and are now listed as an endangered species. Pueo nest on the ground, which makes their eggs and young susceptible to predation by the introduced mongoose amongst other things..."
ALOHA SM Girl! Thanks for visiting SHAKA ZINE. Hope you like it here, cutie. We got our eyes on you too. is like the feminine side of some other island-inspired designers who give you some POV w/their Ts.

If they weren't so friendly and down to earth there, I would feel kinda too uncool to shop at Fitted. But I got some cute shit there, including my Angry Woebots hat and the shirt below of some mountains on the Windward Side, go check out the floral detail.and their shirts are as deep as they are delightful. How's this shirt, called Self Govern
Fitted Hawaii / 1438 Kona Street / phone (808) 942-3100 /

And finally, one line of Ts that's become a little more political, but still remains playful, is butigroove. True, the name sounds kinda hoochie/moke-ish (and we hope they don't lose that side), but they've grown.
Lately they've been known as the Obama Ohana, printing all types of designs endorsing and promoting Hawaii's latest favourite son, "President Elect" Barack Obama.
They have collections to dress kane, wahine, and keiki.
And while I was told that butigroove isn't officially affiliated with the Democratic Party, they were donating portions of the proceeds to either the party or campaign or something or whatever. He won, ok? Yes we could!
Meanwhile, they have time to ticklishly tease the Defend Oahu Coalition, and their "Keep the Country Country" campaign.

fun with a cause, 'cause it's funny. (plus Keika's cute too!)

butigroove / 500 B Piikoi Street / (808) 589-2884 /

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