Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaka Shetty!

This might sound corny, but Dan Weaver said something that motivated me to edit this posting. It was much harsher before. I don't know who read it yet, but whatever. Anyway, Dan said something to the effect "people are always hating on themselves here." I'm guilty as charged. Plus on second glance, I think I may have insulted my subjects. I'm so over all this over-criticizing myself. If my old man can try liking me, I can too...
So Shaka Zine #4 is out. I rushed it, to be there at the party last week. My haste shows to me. I already found quite a few errors. I even forgot we were on our third print issue, and jumped from #2 to #4. Poor Shaka Zine. Yet I got some okay response from a critical cutie, so you might not hate it. I'm always too hard-on myself. How come I had to skip #3 for? Third time's a charm! While you're online, ditch Shaka Zine and spend some time at Contrast Magazine. They got them a team of heavy hitters over there. So weird when you know your friends for like 10 years, and then start to see them with lusty eyes 'cause they're so kick-ass and not 15 anymore. Photos and articles, de rigeur blog, artist interviews plus even Contrast TV. And we apparently have the same taste in men. I better not be sleeping on the print mag.

There's some other zines I found layin'round. Can't find 'em no more, so I won't make upp contact info. A couple of 'em didn't have none if I remember correctly.

I picked upp a copy of Abduct at 39 Hotel. My friends were just complaining how there's no zines, and in that same club I find one. It's got a lotta pleas and pics of Pilipinos people who've been 'disappeared'. There's statistics and bios about missing people, but no suggestions or solutions. I think the only contact info is their bibliography of places like Amnesty International and some other do-goodniks.

So Nails magazine makes me nostalgic. Every "underground scene" era has it's how-to manual, and this is Honolulu's Version 2.008 with rants about vital issues like how all hardcore shows should be "all ages" since it's the keikis who've kept the scene alive; or that there's too many post umpteenth-wave ska bands in the islands. The same things generations of punk-zine dorks were complaining about years ago...because it's still fuckin' true! Try look for them where they stay at myspace.com/sonailshawaii

Urban Advertisement also reminded me of some old zines, like HK (Hawaiian Knights) and Mungen (currently DBA Flying Coffin). Basically just an interview with a local graffiti artist about his art, growing upp in Hawaii, and how things have changed both in Hawaii and graff in general. I'm so gay I forget his name. Shit I gotta find my copy. I got it at Prototype, but I didn't see none last time I was there. If you see Lofa, try ask him about it. He knows all.

And I ain't said shit if I don't make mention of Katie Whitman's 808 Scene Zine. She's on issue #33 already. That's almost 3 fuckin' years! She started with a basic black & white text heavy report on shows around town. Now the bitch is full colour with shopping guides and tattoo features. It's very impressive, expecially considering where she started, and how hard she's worked to get her zine where it is today. I'm so J. She gives me reasons to love a white lady.

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