Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teddies on my To-Do List

More Teddies on my mind:

Jim Coville, owner of Diamond Head Video, seen above with Local Girl turned Superstar Sex Symbol Nautica Thorn (congrats on her recent marriage).

Chris Riel, member of In Yo Face Improv (IYFI), star of numerous commercials, and extra in Gerard Elmore's first feature length movie All For Melissa (now on DVD). Chris and his IYFI partner Shawn Thomsen (also in All For Melissa) will be performing at the Pearl Kai Diamond Head Video on Saturday December 13 to promote the DVD, along with fellow movie extras, Cherry Blossom beauty Mishy Le Fleur, and House of Chandelier charlatan Dougly.

Ronnie Rucker, back from the dead again, this past-tense publisher of politi-porny rag PENDEJO and sometime Shaka Zine contributor (and debtributor), is now the New Mexican hoodoo guru of and (shaka shot pending)

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winnie656 said...

awww ronnie. lol.

love the mag. will subscribe right