Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upp All Night

In answer to your question:
I think,

from my facebook:
"fyi monika: it's supposed to make your da kine (or at least my da kine) mo' big. I'm too simple to have a complex, but I did it for research purposes (I work porn shop). While it mighta made it a bit fatter, and small kine longer for a minute, it did make me tweak kinda, too. It works like the "normal" boner pills: makes you uber-hard if you're"in the moment", your heart races, get all jittery. If I hadn't already been upp for a couple days without drugs, I probbly woulda cleaned house a bit, but I'm only half-Mexican. And I had to induce erection (ask me how later) to measure the results, which surprised me, but it's temporary, and you're s'posed to take it daily. Cannot. I don't get laid that much, and me love chiisai chinpo. Plus mine's a skosh curvy, any bigger it might curl."

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