Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot Child in the City

Two weeks and 6 hours of sleep since our last entry, I'm actually thrilled to say that SHAKA Zine #5 has hit the streets. The first printing was of 20, and after a little tweaking, we printed another 75. So far, I'm the happiest with this issue. It's getting closer to what I hope for it to be like. I just pray there's not too much misinformation.
If you've kept upp with our blog, you've probbly already read the feature articles about Tassho, Trannyshack, and Diamond Head Video. I reprinted as many shoppe and eateries as I could fit from previous issues, and brought the flyer pages back.
Right now there's some at Hula's, DHV Kalakaua, my bathroom at home, and I handed some to a couple butchies through their car window as we drove past each other on Kapahulu... It's 7am Tues right now, I'm gonna go litter UH Campus with them.
After that: coma...

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