Thursday, March 5, 2009

Make Your Money Worth Something

So, it's a good thing that my friend Won Park, aka orudorumagi11 doesn't suffer have any hallucinations that I'm hard for him, because then I can flirt and neither of us will gross out. Of course he is my favourite colour (Korean), and more worse he's a geek! Not a dork, or a nerd, but an obsessive artisan who takes pride in his work. And to top it off: he's humble. Not modest mind you, but his ego is not fed by the kind words of fanboys. He's K confident for some other reason, and it's sexy. Problem is: I got to know Won, before I got a crush on him, and y'all know I only carry on with strangers, so that doomed our doin' it. Thank God, by the way, 'cause otherwise I would have to pretend I never met him.
Uh huh, this is his Shit. Won makes all these things out of Dollar Bills. $1 US, usually, but sometimes 2 or maybe more, I'm sure. Like that Millenium Falcon looks too complicated, but actually, the TIE Fighters were photoshopped down to scale, so maybe I'm wrong...Ok, I looked it upp and the Falcon took Three (3).
In fact, he just had some drama when some iPod application developers created an app called "Dollar Origami", and totally stole his TIE fighter, as well his Koi imagery. That's purty shadey, because all of Won's creations are his own original designs. Shit, I get pissed when somebody wears my dress before me and gets tipped a dollar. Them iPod thieves coulda banked big time without even acknowledging him. I wonder how he found out? Anyways, he mentioned the issue online, and on that same fuckin' day the app had been removed until they could solve the copyright issues! Fuckin' A! I still find it kind of ironic, intriguing and iffy, considering the TIE Fighter is probbly a Lucasfilm copyright. But, I can't wait to hear the follow-upp. And what I love more is how his admirers and comrades started a email campaign and Yes We Can'd the whole thing. Shet, he no fool around. Sorry, ya Won? Sked o' you!
While Won does take commissions on his work by request, he also donates some of his time to good causes. Like the ads pictured above for Brookline Community Foundation which is apparently in Massachussets, though it's not immediately evident on their site. He created each piece (a car, cooked chicken, shirt, or syringe) from blown upp copies of actual checks the organization had received. The ads are labelled either Transportation, Food, Clothing, or Medical Care, and below each it says "Just one of the many things your money helps provide to those in need." Sounds like a good thing, right? He so nice.

I couldn't find any other videos of Won online, although I know there's a few, because he showed me. And this one's not of him making anything, and what he does have isn't the fascinating kine, but you to see what he looks like if you're a rice queen like me. Too bad we're friends, because I mighta considered hooking upp with some sorta sensei/guru guy like him, had I hadn't knowed him.
So check out my friend Won Park's Gallery of work on To ask him to make you something, contact him directly or call him at (808) 387-5928. And finally, if you're a member of that "community" (forgot my password) try join his yahoo group at "" Tell him Shaka Zine sent you and maybe we'll get something free out of this.

This is NOT Won in the Video below, but if you ain't as talented as him and origami don't get you laid, watch and learn how to make something that will.

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