Monday, March 9, 2009

Hit The Spot

So how does G-Spot, aka G*** ******t do it? He's perpetuated this playboy persona for days, without devolving into some douchebag deluxe! Although I'm not one of the 'lucky' ones who can attest to his boudoir-bilities between the sheets(he's haole), I can say I admire his stamina behind the turntables. During the apex of the subterranean soiree craze, thru it's dustbowl days, and now with the "Rave" revival, he's kept on keepin' on! Unfortunately at the moment, the mind-altered minions dancing to today's disco aren't as forward thinking in their 90's nostalgia, opting for the neon wall at Hot Topic, in lieu of risking rejection by exhibiting any true sartorial sense. However, under the influential wing of G and old-skoolers with principles (like Daniel J, IKON and KSM), today's wasted youth won't be as uncouthe by the end of this phase...

Long time fans still visit his original site at, but now navigate his new site at for pictures and videos of past events.

For weekly event reminders and other PLUR party propaganda:

Become his friend at ,

or just text "HITEXT PARTY" to 368674

And don't forget to kick off your weekend with his long running "Underground Sounds Show", Friday nights 6pm-9pm on KTUH FM

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