Friday, July 31, 2009

You Said a Handful

Good porn is like a good book. Some times you look at it from beginning to end. Other times you start with the good parts, and go back over them again and again. You put it down for a while. Explore alternate avenues of interest. New characters. Different styles. But when you wanna undeniable eyeful, you return to old reliable. Such books/flicks are rare, but my huzzbin Aaron Yoshino has been a guy able to capture with flare, the beauty that's always been there that we might not have noticed. I know this 'cause he shows us his visions via his blog In it he documents with aplomb his jobs and journeys, taking us along for the ride, and thankfully doesn't hide one bit of the beauty he loves with his lens. Some is skin deep. Some is deeply rooted in the land. Some is seeping gooey in your hand. The latter's rather lathery 'cause of his latest gallery entitled "aloha & mahalo". A hard act I'd follow, by the tall glass I'd swallow like there's no known tomorrow. Yet I'm not so shallow a pervert to be drawn to overt images of sexuality. In fact, to me, the best objects of desire project a higher sensuality, with inspiring personalities and refined sensibilities. Be they rippers, trippers, or strippers... poets, publishers, pedal pushers... risk takers, groundbreakers, or youthquakers, these shaka shakers been makin' my hands be cramped and panties damp for days!
Too, like he, "Thanks" I say.

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