Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shout at the Devil!

I think i'm a geek now. I was just marvelling at how hi tech I am: blogging at 5 am from a thatched hut near Polynesian Cultural Center on a beach and having visions. Back in the day when Tower Records used to be the biggest music store on the island the best free music mag was Pulse! Albeit their corporate publication heavily marketed and manouvered or whatever; it was nonetheless influential to me and my friends. Amongst the cover stories of Grace Jones and even zine mentions, there were peoples' top ten favourite albums they wouldn't mind being stranded in the middle of the ocean with. We would find a list with some bands we thought were cool, and look upp the rest of the bands on the readers' lists to see what else those cool people liked. I wonder now how many of them were real and how many RIAA ruses? I'm so gullible. Anyway I'm holding my phone upp to my ear grateful and fascinated that on the beach at 5am I'm channeling a high school heartthrob because I had the ability to stream my new Dessert Island Disc.

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