Monday, September 7, 2009

I wish I was in Tijuana eating BBQ'd Iguana

I'm on New Mexican radio!
Got another call on the toilet the Saturday. This time I had broken down and bought a baggie, so instead of spending it on my phone, I lit upp a bowl while on the bowl. I guess sensing that I was smoking, my brother-from-none-other-mother-fucker, former Pendejo Mag publisher Ronnie Rucker made it business as unusual, and got me to push Shaka Talk during his new show "Beneath Everything" on blogtalk radio. We talked for too long, and I said too much. Didn't hear it yet, but I'm sure it's humiliating.

"Beneath Everything"
Wednesdays & Saturdays
7pm Hawaii time, 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern
(347) 857-1180 -- during show

Ronnie & Reimi Revolution hit off to New Mexico, and learned that Honolulu was not the smallest town around. True to it's name, Las Cruces became quite a cross to bear, with very nary much to do. So Ronnie's taken to the airwaves a la fiber optics et al. I couldn't be so multi-media, but Ronnie holds it down with an eclectic mix only this half-Mexican half of a melting pot of a marriage could conjure. Like a horse and carriage, he pulls his welter weight in the sweltering heat of his current hometown. Interviewing new friends, and those who been down from day one, it's a fun time twice a week with Wednesdays reserved for requests [] and Saturdays Ronnie rocks his recommendations

I'm listening to his archive, and around 38 minutes into Show #4 during the song "Mexico", you hear Morrissey moan:
"I could sense the hate from the Lone Star state
It seems if you're rich and you're white, you think you're so right."
Then around 63 minutes Ronnie has a meltdown when his computer hiccupps - he just doesn't handle it well at first. Could the malfunctionality be a political statement by Big Brother, since he's broadcasting live from a party of citizen supporters standing in solidation:
"taking the stance that if building the wall on our southern border is about enforcing laws and not about skin color, then a wall should be built between the USA and Canada."
Anyway, he can't play music how she should be able to via his computer, so I'm not sure what he does next, but the sound quality hints that maybe he's holding a CD player upp to the computer mic and DJ'ing that way.

After the song, Ronnie returns, and in defiant oposition to paranoia protocol, he tells the story of his travelling travails on the "No Fly List", and a recent trip thru TSA's strip search stations, as a special guest. Usually not a problem for him (Ronnie you cad), this time he's sweating 'cause he's got a 1/4 oz wad of weed rammed deep upp his butt. He abruptly ends the tale just by saying "Never ever do it" without divulging what happened. Maybe he was digitally penetrated, and I don't mean cybersexually. Think he coulda been hosed down or had dogs sent to sniff his butt? Man of multiple misteries.

Well, now that I've anti-climaxed all over y'all, I'll mention a recent old story this reminds me of:

Though I do recognize the Kanaka Maoli (natives of Hawai'i) who claim their homeland was stolen by the US, I'm only half-serious that the Sovereignty Movement should pair upp with the Obama Birthers, who question Barack's US citizenship.
I love that during Hawaii's reflection on 50 years since becoming a state, Conservative Conspirators must have at some point considered surrendering a prime military post (by granting independence to Hawaiians), all to deny the popular vote of 2008.

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