Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beat It!

Ever jerk-off to OC16?

Insomniacked out, I got all turned on tuned in to Da Braddahs. During a skit featuring Linda Lingle having tea with Barack Obama in Chinatown, "she" casually mentions the "Chinese Blossom Cabaret" (sic). Sick! You know you've made it when lo-brow local comedians reference you in a politcal satire. I was impressed, inspired, and most of all: fuckin' J!

Even cooler is that on the next show "Eh! You da kine, ah?" my new huzzbin, human beatbox Jason Tom was featured (in a re-run) as the opening act for L&L's corned beef musubi eating contest. I guess you gotta take off your clothes in the name of art to be name-dropped to the president. But he's on his way: you may have seen Jason perform at First Thursdays poetry slams, and/or read about him in the August issue of the 808 Scene Zine, or in Honolulu Weekly's "Best of Honolulu" edition.

So weird 'cause I had just hung out with Jason the day before, as he was nice enough to accept my invitation to be a guest during next week's taping of Shaka Talk. Humble yet conscientious cutie that he is, Jason got kinda nervous, so he asked if we could get together and have a prep session before our interview. Like I'd turn that down.

I won't embarrass him by listing a play by play of everything he did to make me drip (like all his Michael Jackson-inspired crotch grabs when he'd spontaneously bust into dance), but I guess the climax would be when he said "okay" to my request of him creating a beat to the Shaka Talk theme song.

Thank God he ain't gay!

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or watch him do his thang at his youtube page

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Ronnie said...

i made a new drinking game. everytime the host flicks her bangs on shaka talk take a shot.that show is ruling dude, keep em' coming