Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I just received the ultimate compliment from a super woman. I don't always say the right things, but right now I'm dumbfounded. Thank you, Christa. For real.

To new readers of Shaka Zine, welcome. I don't write often, so If you're upp Thursday nights at midnight, tune into (to stream it live) or check Channel 52 to watch our show "Shaka Talk". Or just search for it on youtube. Please? It's all about our guests, not mahus. I'm too lazy to fill this with links, and I'm trying to hurry upp with this 'cause I'm expecting some visitors.

Each Shaka Talk premieres somewhere like the third Thursday, and plays for 4 weeks.
Next Thursday night, October 15, at 11:59pm, (no forget Channel 52) our interview with Jason Tom makes its televised debut. After that, we can go public with it here and on our youtube page.

Shaka Talk #5: Jason Tom (available after premiere)
Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

In mid November, Shaka Talk #6 will feature Jamie Callahan from the Life Foundation, as she gives me the oral 20 minute HIV test.
It's 3:30 am, I gotta meet our next guest Harry Ramos from Two Warriors poetry duo in 9 hours, and still gotta prep clips for him and our other guest Otto. This Thursday is our next shoot, and these shows'll play in December/January.

thank you for watching/reading
thanks to all our guests for indulging us
Thank You Ty for working harder than anyone I know
thanks Eric, Jennifer, BBJ, and everyone at Olelo
Thanks Ian & Mom, I love you
and thank you Christa for doing what you do. (even way before this)

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christa said...

dude. you're the shit. i was stoked on what you did. it even kinda turned me on. DO WHAT YOU DO. it's fucking raddddddd.