Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Wild & Crazy Guys

Damn! I'm a tired old queen. 3 performances in 2 weeks is too much for a reluctant starlet like myself. But it was fun & way worth it. The (mulitple) climax was when my co-hostess Edna Mc Man and I shot Shaka Talk #7 & #8 with our guests Harry Ramos and Otto Cake. Since their episodes won't air until December and January, here's a quick peek at what to look forward to.

I've known Harry Ramos since the late 1980's when we went to Moanalua High School, but didn't become friends till the mid 1990's as co-workers at Jelly's Books & Music when it used to be in Market City. While there I watched his star rise as he became the popular DJ Ska-rry of (R.I.P.) Radio Free Hawaii, and started a wave of poetry nites with his open mic "Expressions". He's back in Hawaii right now after 10 years in NYC, en route to the Philippines. Since he's been gone, Harry's travelled Europe and Thailand alone, and become a poet star on the East Coast as part of the performance duo Two Warriors. He was so cute on our show, unhardened and still humble, despite his success on the mainland. Although our future as fuck-buddies is hindered by the fact that he's no stranger (nor is he queer), he can still bestow uppon me the gift that keeps on giving, the subject of this clip we featured during his interview:

Our second guest of the day was tireless aged cheesey king of cake: Otto Cake. I've known and performed with Otto for about 15 years, and contrary to popular belief, we are not -nor were we ever- dating. I would never: he's old and white! But for someone as far along in years as he is, I do admire his endless energy. Popular not only for his world-famous cheesecake, but also his shameless self-promotion (witness his birthday present to himself ~aka the HUMAs), Otto's done as much for the scene as he has for his own legacy, with panache and pizazz. A hastily taught musician, he's performed in 7 bands (8 if you count his gigs in the titular role of Hedwig & the Angry Inch), touring the mainland & producing everything from cassette tapes, 7" vinyl records, 5 CDs with his prolific band the 86 List, even the following video single from the uber-duper-popular band The Sticklers.

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