Monday, October 12, 2009

Yellow Fever

Frequent readers/viewers may know that our favourite colour is Korean. Apparently, the same can be said for plenny local aunties & cousins, which inspired cutie Brent Anbe to write and produce his latest short film "Ajumma! Are You Krazy???" The story is about 3 women obsessed with a Korean pop star, and their adventures trying to meet him.
I was lucky enough to hang out on the set while they shot at Diamond Head Video in Pearl Kai, and the cast and crew were quite a crack upp! I could totally relate to the characters' fanatical feelings and stalkerly ways.
The first screening at this year's HIFF is totally sold out, and I don't wanna tell you that another date was added until I get my tickets. While you're waiting, check out the movie's trailer:

Busy Brent also recently released on DVD the 2009 Universal Showqueen pageant, so kudos to him and winner Yuni Carey!

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Emy Augustus said...

haaaaa that looks hilarious. So ajumma is kind of like the english word 'cougar'...

the background music was kind of distractingly loud