Sunday, December 13, 2009

La Vida Loco

Ripped off these images from the Royal Hawaiian Pool Service blog. Can't get 'em at their store no more, so I couldn't resist (at risk of being destroyed myself!). Brief but badass entries feature figures from skating's past, present and beyond, including local pool skating legends General Gary Owens, and Kale Sandridge the fuckin' rockstar. Hawaiians by heart & hardcore to the bones, this brigade of shredders showcase nifty novelties and shit on naff nostalgia surrounding the lives, steez, and lifestyle of these athletes.
Though entry can be exclusive it's far from elitist, as they invite you to jump in on their journey by going so far as to teach you how to build a pool. Don't be shocked if they show upp uninvited.
Live, learn, and support your loco skateboarders.

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