Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You got to roll with the punches to get to what's real.

These guys are daredevil criminals. They've been arrested for jumping off tall things. I caught upp to them on Current, my new favourite TV-channel-I-didn't-know-we-had (Oceanic 0900 at my house). When they shot in May 2008, the French guy whose face you could see, and the English dude whose face is blurred, held the world's record for base jumping off the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai.

Let's chase them as they illegally sneak on to the unfinished building site, climb and sweat uppward for hours, admire the view from above, parachute off a balcony, evade cops, then finally shake a shaka! as they revel in their rise to the top of their game.


SHAKA ZINE said...
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SHAKA ZINE said...

that link is for another shaka shot from Current TV. It's a still from a show about ghetto kids in Brazil who take upp body boarding to stay outta trouble.

I think it's called "Favela Surf Dream". I'm not sure 'cause the video took forever to load, so I could have remembered wrong. check the following link if you dare: