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Took long enough, but Shaka Talk #7 with special guest Otto Cake is finally upp on our youtube page. Like all episodes of Shaka Talk, it can also be found "On Demand" at

Otto and I have a history. Over the years we've collaborated on publishing zines, putting on shows, and playing in bands. Although we didn't always see eye to eye, we never went mano e mano, but lord knows we would have, if we were butch enough. I might be the drag queen, but he's more of a lady than I am. Ever polite and professional, even when he's pissed off. Yet as often as we come into conflict, I must credit Otto for a lot of my luck as a "performer" here in Hawaii. I've been very fortunate to work alongside someone as energetic and driven as he is, and am compelled to confess that his likability and hard work made it possible for me to reach a larger audience, than someone with my sloppy style & lazy work ethic should ever hope to expect. (I blame the weed for lethargy & paranoia.)

Shaka Talk #7 - Otto Cake Part 1 of 3

The episode opens with a performance of RED ANTS, a song I wrote 20 years ago and have performed way too many times, thanks to Otto. We originally did the song with his first band The Sticklers during the Miss Understood Pageant in the late 1990's. His new band "Pray For Thunder" played the song as opening act for the 2009 Hawaii Underground Music Awards (HUMAs), and right at the beginning Otto gets eaten by Hawaii's own Violetta Berretta (now of Porlad, OR) and the girls of Cherry Blossom Cabaret. After the clip we discuss his first job as roller rink DJ and whether that made him gay; his multitude of bands, including the time The Sticklers got kicked off stage at the Warped Tour; his artwork manifesting a fear of RED ANTS; and his bakery that recently opened in Downtown Honolulu.

Shaka Talk #7 - Otto Cake Part 2 of 3

Otto briefly describes his vision behind the HUMAs (presenting them bi-annually to give enough artists time to produce a CD), and defends himself against the fact that perhaps not everyone was pleased with the production. He says he meant it to be a form of entertainment, "like a play."** He mentions the 4 times he's toured with his bands, twice each with The Sticklers and The 86 List. My co-hostess Edna wonders about the chorus "going back underground" in the 86 List video we play, "Chinatown", and is surprised to learn the song has a literal meaning. Chinatown in Honolulu has a rich subterranean history, and the lyrics refer to a former club where some of Hawaii's bands got their start. The video was shot during The 86 List's "Lucky" tour, but Otto evades the question about a certain blueballs experience during his travels.

While covering his previous acting roles in Cruel Theatre's interactive plays, and his recurring stint as Hedwig [and the Angry Inch], (which he'll be remounting yet again this Spring at Laughtrack Theatre), to our surprise he lets on that his experience in drag wasn't all fun. He simultaneously faced the challenge of memorizing a script, since he admittedly isn't such a proficient reader.

Shaka Talk #7 - Otto Cake Part 3 of 3

Along with plans to remount a bare bones staging of Hedwig, Otto's writing songs for a solo CD of original music that promises to be a departure from the punk rock we've come to expect from him. He swears though, that it's not just an atttempt to monopolize the next HUMAs. We further mock his assertion of shyness, as he tells of his "wardrobe malfunction" during a burlesque performance. As time runs out, we have enough to play the Candy Diaz-directed video for The Sticklers' "Boogie Man", inspired by Otto's obsession with the 1978 movie Halloween. Then finally, to kill the last few moments, at Edna's suggestion, we take an impromptu dance break, as Otto flashes his signature Punk Rock hand gesture.

Damn punk ass bitch motherfucker. SHIT!

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