Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Daze (My '09 Faves)

All I know is that I don't know nothing 'bout makin' no music.
Well, I was in a few bands, but just words & vocals. I might remember something on ukulele, or of course Star Wars on recorder/flutophone. Couple songs I made upp on guitar I guess. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on piano. So maybe. Hey.
Wow! I'm cooler than I thought. This article's gonna be relevant!
But I'm not hip. Don't ask me to compare these bands to no one else 'cause my references would be distant and dated. I'm not tangled upp in the information superweb, 'cause it kinda rejects me, so I just get to know mostly what I hear live. Then I'll buy a CD. Or better yet, get one FREE.
It's a revelation to see your heroes grow and evolve. Expecially when they do it with grace, grooming their edges, whether they've smoothed them out or not. Then there's the yummy young'uns who can make you feel bright-eyed and light-footed with some fresh classics.

Anyway, here's the Discs I played a lot in my car and on my lap during 2009:

Cronseedz Demo
Though only 5 songs, plus two live tracks, this was my favourite.

The Cronseedz's chaotic charisma, snakelike, charms your mind, booty and sole. Sounds skate punk blues grassy speed rockin' rubber rollin' by nature. Like so totally mature, hella humble, super human & hot. Deal with it: even with more teeth & less of that gone-too-far way, Kale Sandridge manages to stay one of the most arresting individuals I wanna encounter with. Equally infamous for his skateboarding skills, as his eccentric antics, he artistically embodies the hymn 'Skate & Destroy' to the point of bodily harm. Cheshire cat chagrinish, Kale bares quite a bit on this EP. And it's done well: raw, as on brooding bellows like "Brain Damage". Ruthless but sans rue, in "Raw Deal" he ruminates how heroin ruined relationships, then heralds his return to reality. Moodmelding swingers like "Not One of Them" and "Skater 4 Life" rock out the volatile joie de vivre that these board bound cuties roll and rage by. Bolder and wiser guys're why Punk's Not Dead!!

Jimmy Defiant "Last Chance"
I think he's in a band called Beautiful Disaster, and DJs at Manifest Wednesday nights right now.

I'm quite hard. I mean: It's hard to be quiet about Jimmy Defiant, but I'm gonna try it. His music is understated, easily related to, like he's been liberated too. "Jaded but innocent" is how I said it to him. Right away I tried to edit my words and apologized, but he just smized and I realized that I kinda came correct. It's so not what I'd expected from this JD, which is one thing I can rely on: surprises! I've had my eyeses on him from the nights he was ubiquitious, til the days it seemed he'd upp and quit us. That bandit stole more than my heart when he skipped out, but now that he's back in the light, it no doubt feels right that he served upp this lo-fi HI-phat platter of bittersweet ballads, with broke down-to-basics beats lifting lilting lyrics. Spit and sung, son! Hear it more like Jimmy eats the world and feeds back, doesn't carry it on his shoulders like some whack backpack quack. Now that he's older, this baby-faced bad boy's armour is hardened yet he hazards to offer a softer side. (no homo)

The JumpOffs "The Jump Off"
Make me wanna do bad things to good boys. But do it well. Nice-like. Lights out for sure. Anonymous close upps in secret snapshots.

Love: Oriental Ring of cinco passionate Asian syncopationistos! Like when you're more impressed that your cousin can pick ukulele, not just strum dumb Jahwaiian jams? Same-same. But these babes belie they're bestial below the belt by redirecting your radar at the shredders' ambidextrous audacity on his instrument, while keeping bassic beats down to catch a feel, 'cause them Jumpoffs can fidget their fingers, for real! Each man handles himself with two fists-aflare, daring any head not to bang, neck bob, nor butt bounce. Slow down and their mellow tunes induce swoons, following the focal point stream from the vocalist boy of my dreams, to the other yellowish~brown creme dela creams in tight genes. Their accessible air from the safety of the speaker or stage, flaunt their flare from afar. Such as their songs make me shimmy my feet & swivel my seat, I'm wont to wonder which ones're good in the sheets?

Deadbeats Deadbeats
I've heard these shamanic showmen's shenanigans can turn Jazz Minds into a juke joint (Wednesdays next to Aaxtion Video)

You know these guys're are a good lei. Just the way they joyfully jostle and jam their spazzy spunky jazzy funky hip trip hop bop. Non stop their stage presence is the greatest gift of all, even if it means learning to love myself in the middle of their set. Back from the bathroom stall, you'd forget they're youths, so smoothely these boys flow and float your boat over a sea of soul soundscapades. Tasteful and seasoned, I wanna fill upp on their flavour! Didn't do myself no favour by flirting with them in public, tryin' get private with their pubics! It's just so hard not to come on too strong, hunny these randy rhymes and wiley riling right on rhythms make me wanna be startin' somethin' with 'em.

What did I forget or miss out on? Which CDs should I get next? Just bought Ted's latest, and I'm feeling it. Get Wormhole on top. Ted harmonizes himself. First of 2010 already. P.

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