Monday, May 3, 2010

Lolita Liberadorita

“When Lupe walked into the courtroom and it was like a courtroom drama movie,” said the district attorney in the case. “Lupe is not only the world’s youngest looking porn star, but a humanitarian who cares about justice.” (via
My short footnote in her story matters to few but myself, but Lupe Fuentes, the lovely lassie who's a big hit in Europe, and recently began working in the US Adult Industry, was involved in a scene right out of a made-for-basic-cable tv movie directed by Pedro Almodovar. She also helped shine a light on the shenanigans & chicanery legal systems will employ to punish people for being human.

Last Summer I got a phone call from Evan Seinfeld aka "Spyder Jonez", vocalist/guitarist of Biohazard, star of TV show OZ, and the porn star I met when he was married to sex icon Tera Patrick. Evan told me about a starlet named Little Lupe, the petite porn ingenue from Spain, who is already a household name, synonymous with sex in Europe. Lupe and her huzzbin/director, Pablo Lapiedra were visiting Hawaii for the Summer, and needed host around town. Could I help them? Evan promised all kinds of hook-upps & hand-outs, but I said "no need". I was happy to help.
I was totally charmed by both Pablo & Lupe. They were a bit disoriented, as tourists in America, with some dude they didn't know. What they found surprising was I didn't know them! "We are so famous" he told me, and I almost laughed, thinking of Margaret Cho's mom. He explained how popular Lupe is in Europe, and that she was hoping to spread her wings (among other things) in America, and so they flew to Hawaii to relax on the beach, before dipping their toes into the hectic Hollywood porn pool.
We spent half the day waiting in line for some kinda official kine stuff for their stay in the US. It was when she made a mistake on the paperwork that I learned Lupe's real name is Zuleidy /zoo-LAY-dee/. We communicated in broken Spanglish, about what I done when I went to Spain (I even wore a shirt designed by my favourite Spanish graffiti artist Pez, but they never heard of him), and I suggested a few tings they should see & do while they was here. Whenever we couldn't understand each other, or think of what to say, or how to say it, we'd laugh it off. It seemed like jokes were easier to tell, even though I doubt we were all laughing at the same thing. It was adorable how bright-eyed though jet-lagged they were.
Afterwards we walked over & took pics by the Kamehameha statue & Iolani Palace. I told them it was "muy importante", and tried to explain as best I could who/what each represented, without expressing too much of my half-White shame/hate. (Shate?) Next, someone had to go bathroom, so we hit over to Jack in the Box across from the Blaisdell. (Shat?) Then of course Wal-Mart for cheap tourist crap made anywhere but America, much less Hawaii. (Shit?) We wound upp cruising thru Waikiki a s'kosh, eating Japanese food, then some ice cream, before I had to go get ready for work. (Shetty) We hugged & said our alohas. I haven't heard from them since. (Shady)....(Just kidding).
But I have been following both Evan and Lupe on Twitter. Apparently Tera & Evan are divorced, but remain business partners, while he & Lupe have hooked upp. I won't embarrass you with their mushy sweet tweets. It's cute, and it's obvious they're in love. Lupe is one of Teravision's newest stars, and she & Evan have been seen everywhere,, working hard to make her an even bigger star, while making the fans happy. They've recently launched, Lupe's been featuring dancing, and even has branded her own sex toy.

Meanwhile, as I write this, I discovered Tera's published her autobiography called "Sinner Takes All" (which happens to have a foreward by Margaret Cho). From the following interview, I gather it's a "tell all", as well as a "cautionary tale", about herself and the industry. I wonder if Lupe's read it? Tera's a clever business woman, so I bet a lot of people could learn something from her.
Just hearing how Tera re-connected with her mom through the book, made me kinda emo right now. I'm happy for her. (Plus I'm stoked that she thanked two groundbreaking angels by name: her mentor Teri Weigel, as well as AIM founder Sharon Mitchell.)

Tera Patrick "Sinner Takes All" interview on Unfiltered part 1

Tera Patrick "Sinner Takes All" interview on Unfiltered part 2

I either gotta wait for the paperback, or pull a date to afford the $30 cover price, but the book includes a recommendation on the inside flap from, among other stars, Carmen Electra (whose real name happens to be "Tara Leigh Patrick", unbeknownst to the porn star at the time she chose her name, according to Tera when I asked her. Not sure what the book says).

Meanwhile...Lupe & Evan were in the news recently, for actually saving a guy's life! Carlos Simon-Timmerman, a New York man on his way home from Puerto Rico was stopped at the airport, and charged with possession & transportation of child pornography, because he had a bootleg copy of "Little Lupe the Inncocent", a movie Lupe had made when she was 19 years old.

After the suspect had already spent some months in jail & under house arrest, and the prosecutors had presented the testimony of a government official, as well as another from a pediatrician, both claiming professional certainty that the girl in the movie was under 18 (they could tell just by watching the movie!), it seemed that Simon-Timmerman was doomed to spend the next 20 years in jail.

But then Lupe got a call for help from Simon-Timmerman's lawyer via her myspace page. It was the first time she'd become aware of anyone being in trouble for having one of her movies, and Lupe was concerned and uppset. She and Evan immediately flew to PuertoRico....
Via MySpace, the legal team contacted Lupe in hopes that her testimony could set him free. She immediately agreed and flew to Puerto Rico on April 6th, 2010 to appear in court on April 7th, 2010 to state her case in court, presenting evidence copies of documents showing her birth date, and dates of production for the Little Lupe DVD. “Lupe walked into the courtroom and it was like a courtroom drama in a movie”, according to Assistant Public Defender Héctor L. Ramos-Vega. “When Lupe walked in, that tiny human being, she looked like she was seven feet tall. She owned the room, and she immediately won the jury over.” The prosecution, recognizing that its case had been completely discredited, moved to dismiss all of the charges against Simon-Timmerman." (via

According to Evan: "In Puerto Rico, the federal prosecutors win over 99% of their cases."

Aside from the tacky fact that this incident could help promote Lupe's career, what's more significant is how she stood upp for herself, her fans, and her industry. There are a lot of jealous zealots, who've not only demonized sexuality & attraction, but will go so far as to ruin a man's life, in order to meet their agenda.

Porn stars are the unlikely advocates & defenders of our First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech, which are being fought daily. Meanwhile they are ardent fighters against child pornography, as it not only damages their industry, but because many involved have been victims of abuse on different levels.

As a sex worker, I feel privileged & inspired to have met Lupe, Evan, Tera & others involved in the industry, who fight for their rights, as well as the rest of ours. Whether you watch or produce pornography, or are involved in any creative process that challenges social mores and attitudes, there are a legion of forces working against you. We have to remain vigilant, because they thrive on ignorance, deception and blind/deaf/dumb obedience. (note to self: kinda melodramatic, don't you think? note back: sorry, I was just hanging out at Revolution Books the other day. But I voted. Is Colleen Hanabusa cool? I think she maled out unsolicited cookbooks a while back. Got USA in her name)

Hopefully I'll get to meet her again, but until then I send a very grateful gracias & muchos mahalos to Lupe Fuentes.

Viva las vergas y vaginas!


Her said...

That's fantastic! The first time I saw a Lupe vid, I thought it was kiddie porn and immediately turned my computer off. Knee-jerk reaction. But then I did some internet detective work and found out who she is. Love her! She's muy bonita and very good at what she does. I'm so j that you got to meet her and hang out with her. I'm sure they had a great time with you. Would have been nice to see her and her hubby on Shaka Talk... ;-)

SHAKA ZINE said...

Thanks for watching. I figure her huzzbin is back working in Spain, 'cause it looks like Lupe's hooked upp with Evan, Tera's ex-huzzbin. I'll invite them to be on the show, but hard to tell if they'll be back in town soon. Thanks for watching!

SHAKA ZINE said...

Uppdate 04-15-11: It's hard to gather details, as reports vary, new ones surface, and many are computer program translations of foreign language reports. Still, there's some sad & strange things going on in Lupe's life right now. Part of me is concerned & worried for her; another part is creeped out & disgusted by what I'm reading. 
Though we never spoke after the day we hung out, via her press & online profiles, I saw Lupe rise to fame as an adult film star in the US. As it were, we never carried any of her stuff at the video store I worked at, so I never seen her on screen. I doubt I could watch her scenes without some haunting unease. 
If the reports are true, that she was abused by Pablo, it's oddly comforting to think that her stop in Hawaii was a step along her path of escaping him. But even though she succeeded in her career without her then (still?) husband, she's still not free. 
This is truly disturbing and dastardly. I hope that after all this drama is over, Lupe is able to find peace & happiness.