Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Follow Upp

NO, I'm not stalking him! We're emailing. It's different. But Mauro Loriato, whom I just previously interviewed has been cool enough to answer a further line of questioning, since I thought the ones I asked before weren't too smart. Not that these are genius, but I think they say a bit more:
What has been the scariest thing to happen to you in Hawaii?

When I hurt my head.

Is the fact that the Amazon Jungle is being destroyed a big concern for Brazilians, or do they think about it much at all?

Many people is concern, but "the guys of power" dont show any concern (has too much money involved) .

There are many Transsexuals in Brazil, and a lot of porn comes from there. Do you know many transsexuals? Do you know any porn stars? (female?/male?/trans?)

I dont know...
Do you know any words in pidgin? (local Hawaii slanguage)

Punani, pakalolo (old brazilian brand for kids hahaha)

What are some good Brazilian slang words we should know of?

"xoxota" came for many words for say pussy.

"e nois" is like "is we" you can use for any situation ( but never use in a formal situtation)

"bora" like you guys say 'lets go"

"sang" came from "sangue bom" "good blood" normally use for who a good person or who you like. "What's up sangue? hahah"

Where are your favourite skate spots in Hawaii?

One Hill close to Pali hwy, banzai skatepark and Hawaii kai...( I wish to skate in some of the Hawaiian Ditches)

Obrigado Sangue.

I find it humourous in the video above, that Mauro skates ramps when he's lazy. Compare that to how he bangs (below) when he's crazy, and you may see what makes me all woozy 'bout this brilliant Brazilian who's become my new huzzy.

To learn even more about Mauro, check his press page, or just send him a yoohoo via mauroloriato@yahoo.com

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Mauro Loriato said...

Thanks Doug... very nice man.