Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last Night a Zine Geek Saved My Life

It sucks living with my boss/bf. I can't vent at home about my day, 'cause it's probbly his fault. So I ran away for a minute ,when he woke upp at 2am. During my trip, I stopped into Kinko's on University or whatever it's called now, to ask about printing costs. The guy working was busy,
but on my way out, I glanced at a stack of photocopied photographs with handwritten scrawling around them in collage...WTF? A zine publisher caught in the act? I got harder than a cop nabbing a graf artist.

If I wasn't stoned I wouldn't have had the balls to yell across the store: "Are you making a magazine?"

His name is Mauro Loriato and I was able to score the following interview (I emailed some "deeper" questions I hope he answers, 'cause I was so stoked to meet another zine geek, I couldn't think of nothing clever). Here goes:
What's your name?


What's the name of your magazine?

It's Crazy Beer BBQ

Cool. You're from Brazil and you've been in Hawaii one year?

Ya almost one year. I spend my time between Hawaii and Brazil.

And skating everywhere?

Ya, I try.
Are you sponsored?

Ya, by Weird Clothing, and Aerial 7 Headphones, Junkie Riders that's mine, and Lo Fi Punk Rock.

I don't understand half that. [he spells everything out for me]. Junkie, like heroin junkie?

Ya, but we don't...

Are you drug free? It's 2010

It doesn't matter, I don't care.
When did you start making this issue?


Long time?

2008? [laugh]

That's a zine. How long have you been making Crazy Beer BBQ?

Two years and a half. Almost 3 years.

Where else have you skated around the world?

Brazil, Argentina, Buenos Aires, California, and Hawaii.

Right on. Where's your favourite place to be in the world?

For skate or to live?


I don't know. I think for live is Hawaii for sure. Good life. But for skate? I don't have too many experience in the world, but California for sure.

So is Brazil a dangerous place like we kinda see on TV?

Ya. Depends the place, the time, the situation. You need to be smart. Know the scene. Otherwise, pfff
So what's the scariest thing that's happened to you while skating around Brazil.

When I skate?

Or doing anything in Brazil. What was the scariest moment?

I don't know because I live there. Many things are scary, but I don't think it's a big deal. Many things you think don't gonna be bad, can be the worst. You can go to grocery shop, just go to grocery shop can be pffff. And you go walk late time drunk, don't have anything. You know?

What's your favourite thing about Hawaii?

I like the climate. Good at-mo-sphere. Everything's easy. I like it.
Do you have any shout-outs to anybody?

What is it?

Just saying your friends' names? You already said your sponsors. Or do you have any advice for the world?

Keep it true. Be real.

Right on! Thanks Mauro.

You're welcome...For what? [we both laugh]
Nice guy. Mellow. Friendly. We hung out for a bit more, as he told me about his spot on Hawaii Extreme Sports TV. He also explained his decision to let Crazy Beer BBQ stay a zine, as opposed to a brand that he would have to keep upp. "This is just one part of your life," he said, and I knew what he meant. But I'm not too shame to admit, zines are a big part of my life. I hope he tells me where to pick upp a copy when he finishes. I'll let y'all know...after I secure mines.

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Crazy Beer BBQ rules, save a copy for us you retard.

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