Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Each a monkey

Our friend Eric, from self-described 90's band i tramonti made a video for his HPU class. He was nice enough to not only invite us to be in it, but to let us molest the pretty ones! You know what a yellowphile I can be. But actually Korean's not my favourite colour anymore. I'm totally into Brazilian now. It's the new blast.

My favourite part, is after knowing Eric probbly over 10 years, I got to watch him direct us. He had a basic concept in mind, but listened to everyone & let things evolve. How you say..."making it upp as he went along".

After everything we shot, it's cool to see how he tailored & trimmed & timed it all to go not only with the music, but the lyrics. There's some discarded footage that won't be missed; as well as some other shit that woulda got the video flagged.

Eric knows how to tell a story, while splicing in them performance shots, with random teases of hot chicks dancing thrown into to reach a wider audience. Can't blame him. Sex sells.

Check out "i tramonti" on Shaka Talk in November 2010, Thursday nights at 11:59pm HT on channel 52.

Incidentally, we shot our episode before Eric made this video. OOPS! The band footage we used in the show was all kinda ghetto. One's barely a practice before they even finished a song. No more even lyrics. Small kine shame, but it's cute. Alex loves it, and he's my favourite local rock star, so nothing else matters.


manikgrl said...

uuuhhh...i cant stop watching this video over and over!!!

SHAKA ZINE said...

don't get me started. the song is so fun. fagging out ~ spinning & snapping! falling down...