Friday, January 14, 2011

Anarchy Rules!

Last year we entered the 'Olelo Volunteer Awards. It was one of the few competitions I ever entered in a while. Just for fun kine, but I was wondering if our show was something that critical people might appreciate. The rules were your entry had to be 5 minutes long, so we put together a montage of Episodes #1 thru #6, which qualified since they aired in the calendar year 2009.

My usual co-host Edna Mc Man is kinda happy about that she's not in this year's awards entry, because last year, at the ceremony, she and I got dollied upp and tried to act not-too-anxious. We were super-flattered though, when one of the girls serving mac-salad in the food line, started singing our theme song to us. It was a low-key affair, and people were friendly, but you could feel the anticipation in the air.

We were surprised that the award in the "Arts & Entertainment" category was given out first. That's the category we entered. The people reading the names of the finalists on stage, only read 3 names. Shaka Talk wasn't one of them, so we already knew we weren't gonna win. I think we clapped for the winner, and everyone else the rest of the night. It was strange to know we were losers at the beginning of the show, and have to sit through and hear accolades & be happy for shows and presenters we were unfamiliar with.

Who watches enough public access tv to know every show? My favourites are the Samoan shows for the dancing, and Deutsche Welle because it reminds me of anonymous sex in a German hotel room. Other than the angry Hawaiian lady, or Kamuela Vance productions, I can't remember too many other shows. Sorry folks. We air Thursday nights at 11:59pm Hawaii Time, so it doesn't surprise us that our audience ain't that big neither. (no forget my huzzbin BBJ's 808 Scene Friday Nights on Channel 52, featuring local -lotta hardcore- musicians)

Well the awards for shows that premiered during 2010 are coming upp. There's the same 5 minute rule, but ont the flyer this year, they ask that contestants' video entry represent a single show, to make it easier for the judges. Basically, the best 5 minutes from one episode.

We were going through a lotta lunacy, and the usual technojinxery, so editing became a challenge. Luckily, Season 1 (Sept '09 thru May '10) was already cut down into what we like to call "Shaka Shorties." Over the Summer, we crammed 9 half-hour episodes into 3 shows, each with highlights from 3 interviews. Make sense? Whatever....

So we took what I thought was one of our more important shorties for a show from 2010. We'd already edited it down to 7:58 minutes long, which made it easier to trim down to what we think are the essence of our guests' art, and their mission.

This Year's 'Olelo Awards Entry

Our guests were Nandita Sharma & Gaye Chan, aka "Eating in Public". They're artists who've perpetuated a movement, together, and with help & support of friends & fans. Nandita & Gaye have so far kicked off 3 projects: Gardening without Permission, setting upp Free Stores, and (their most visible) HI-5 Recycling Bins aka "Take Leave Whatevas..."

TAKE ~ Act Without Shame
LEAVE ~ Share Without Condition
WHATEVAS ~ Trust Without Apology

Since 2003, Eating in Public has encouraged acting without asking. Do the right thing, but don't wait for someone to give you permission. Even if you encounter opposition or even conflict, just go for it! Work it out!

Tres Punque, if you aks me, and that's I'm so happy we had them on our show.

Edna wasn't able to make it to the taping that day, so my high school chum Malia "DJ Ms. Martini" Slusarenko was kind enough to sit in as co-host. Malia's been a very busy mommy this year, and hasn't even seen the show during which we chatted. But I'm grateful to her for coming to my rescue during a rough day. The staff and crew at 'Olelo have been more than helpful all this time, and I believe Hawaii is so lucky to have their services, and staff.

Most of all I need to thank Edna. If not for her, our show would be way messier than it is. She does most of our tech work, keeps me sane when I'm stressing out about the show, and helps keep our interviews balanced and on-track. Whether we win this year or not...even if our show doesn't last for long. Thank you Edna, for helping make our show so fun, and for helping me through this last year, and the coocoo chaos I always seem to attract. I love you girl.

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