Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mad Feeling

I'm angry at myself. I thought I had this show wrapped upp. I been stalking & cruising with these boys for a little while. I'd emailed, texted & called them a bit before the taping, sent them an outline of how I thought things could go.

The day of the shoot came & not only did my co-hostess Edna flake, but one of the boys didn't even bother to contact none of us. I'd hoped the boys would perform, but they forgot to bring a track. Even if they wanted to sing over a track, one of 'um was missing. (In lieu of a performance, they woke upp their boy Keneke the Great, to come by and show us some of his moves & explain an online feud they're having with an old friend).

So, although these guys had one of my favourite CDs of 2010, I don't even play any of their music on the show. Luckily, these boys are cool, and agreed to let me give them a better representation of them in a future show.

So please watch and enjoy this rough draft of my interview with Osna, Mic Tre, and Krystilez, 3/4 of Angry Locals

Shaka Talk - Angry Locals part 1 of 3

Shaka Talk - Angry Locals part 2 of 3

Shaka Talk - Angry Locals part 3 of 3

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