Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swoono Croono Shakes His Shaka

Although the song that won him the Grammy for "Best Male Pop Vocal" contains this decade's most trite and hackneyed word (the only thing I'd replace), my huzzbin Bruno Mars has become a super success story for yet another Oahu artist.

"Mars is the first national recording artist with Hawaii ties to win a Grammy for a debut release since Bette Midler won the Grammy for best new artist in 1973."

Having sung over rap, reggae & doo-wop melodies, even impersonating Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, this Puerto Rican/Filipino has managed to master every shade of Black. Recently he's had so many simultaneous radio hits, he's like a boy Rihanna. And with a repertoire as diverse as the islands' multicultural influences, Bruno's just one example of Hawaii's major musical talent, just waiting to brake the surface and surpass expectations.

I love it that in the first line in one of his cash is king collabs, he sings the line "so fuckin' bad." Honest and open, he's crooned about co-dependency; loves to luxuriate in lethargy; suffers from self-delusional schizophrenia; admits to indulging in alcoholistic escapism; and exhibits sexy bits of sundry suicidal symptoms. Hell, he's even plead guilty to cocaine possession! Boy's not only cute, but he's real & relatable too!

The Grammy site better get Bruno's performance and acceptance speech upp soon. I doubt he'll release a sex-tape, so seeing his anticipation build-upp as they announce the nominees, then the ecstatic flood of emotions as his name is called is probbly the closest I'll ever get to watching him orgasm. Hopefully the following Euro-uppload don't get shut down too soon.

PS: A hot chic from Hawaii also won a Grammy this year too. Tia Carrere won for "Best Hawaiin Music Album" (sic). She let her longtime friend/collaborator Daniel Ho make the acceptance speech. Daniel's cute, but sounds skosh muffy. Not my T.

ps: here's another Shaka shot from Bruno's recent local concert, shot by honozooloo.

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