Tuesday, May 31, 2011

surfin' turf ala tarp

I was looking upp videos of my friends' bands, and found this one by Showdown in Chinatown regulars Fun Word for "Forest" by Clones of the Queen:

I like the video for multiple -obvious- reasons, but about 2 minutes 5 seconds in, I went nuts. As a low budget drag queen, I'm always looking for cheap ways to fake something. So when I seen them boys emulating a wave ride with a skateboard on (what I thought was) a parachute, I was instantly aroused. I had to see more.

Apparently "tarp surfing" kinda blew upp and fizzled out in 2010. I'm not even sure how I figured out what to Google, but most of the videos I found were from last year. I must have blinked because I would remember something like this.

I'm not sure how to research the history of such a "sport" (there's not even a wikipedia page!), and it ain't that cool, so I'm not gonna investigate too hard.

The kids in the following video think they invented tarp surfing one day in San Juan Capistrano. Who cares if it's true?

Tarp Pits - The Birth of Tarp Surfing

The guys in the video below are purty funny. Plus there's so many shakas in the video, I got tired of capturing them.

They claim to have been tarp surfing champs back in the day. I like the way they have other guys looking like they're paddling out. I can't explain everything that turns me on about this pseudo-sport: from the camera work, to the way these two unrelated things reference another experience that you can almost feel.

Ruse Entertainment

I was able to find some of 2010's greatest songs by looking upp tarp surfing videos. One of my new faves is "The Key" by Ou Est le Swimming Pool. Unfortunately, I also learned that the band won't be doing much else since the singer killed himself after accidentally hurting a fan at a show.

Regardless of your story behind tarp surfing, apparently "Animal" by the group Miike Snow is the anthem or theme to the activity. Along with the Ruse video above, I found a few others, including some local boys working it out to the same song:


As embarrassing as it is to admit I've grown upp in Hawaii, and never once attempted surfing, the kid's wipeout at the end of this clip isn't as intimidating (looks fun), although other vids have shown some semi- rough rashes and gashes.


I thought it was weird that most of the clips I found were from last year, with hardly anything prior or after. But shit blew upp, and there's clips from Burning Man, down under to Australia (with another Miike Snow song), & all the way to France. There was eventually a second in an Apple ad ... then soon after, tarp surfing was in a Mountain Dew commercial. At the corny tarpsurfing.com, their last blog entry was a posting of the commercial. So as soon as it broke big, is purty much when it died. I guess when you get co-opted by a Coca-Cola product, you've broken out, but broken down.

It's okay. As inspired I was by the many implications of tarp surfing, and their applications in my every day life, the visuals in the Forest music video at the top, will probbly leave more of an impression on me over time. It's got all the elements: Polynesians, surfing, skating, hidden identities, exposed buttocks, homemade Mexican food & regurgitation.
My friend at Laka Zine says the end reminds him of 2 Girls 1 Cup. I see it more like when a mommy bird regurgitates food to her chicks. Either way, it's an expression of love.

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