Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who's Bad?

"Treble & Timbre - "Discoveries"

I must've stumbled uppon Treble & Timbre, probbly looking upp Ryan Dance Machine's blog for his KTUH radio show Timbre Tantrums.
Treble & Timbre was a singing duo, made upp of sketch comedy artists, Amanda Barrett & Michael Lucid (respectively), from their early '00's web series "Pretty Thingsss". I love their almost open-ended queer humour. It's like it almost teeters on the edge of edgy, without tipping over the top. Kinda Canadianish.Treble & Timbre - "Always a Bad Girl"

I'm really into their "Always a Bad Girl" video though, because it's like their only actual song-length tune. Most of their music is under a minute, with no real point, but to make you laugh, or at least wonder "Huh?". But this song is like a musical version of the book/bumper sticker "Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History".
The song is also a humourous version of (perhaps influenced by) Le Tigre's feminist name-dropping anthem "Hot Topic".
Although this song shares the same name of an over-the-counterculture mall mess, it still incites a little Googling of some revolutionary figures. In fact, artist Kirsten McCrea was so inspired, that she further immortalized the people named in the song, by painting them all, and having a show, making a video & then blogging about her Hot Topic Project. The only deviation was she also painted portraits of the Le Tigre band members as well (minus Sadie Benning, who was replaced by JD Samson, but whose voice can be heard on the track).
PS: you could see more of Michael Lucid as Damiana Garcia on the Daily Freak Show, and Amanda Barrett is currently playing music with her wife Abby DeWald, in their band The Ditty Bops.

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