Tuesday, July 15, 2008

National Daydreamer Ross Jackson blogs like he acts

So I guess it's like the opposite of a writers' strike or something. (No writers, no show)
Next Door Nightclub, where my roommate Ross Jackson works on Tuesday nights is closed for a few weeks. So he started a blog. (no show, yes writer) [uppdate: the party is now at the loft on Hotel St @ Mauna Kea]
He still has his radio show Ross Jackson's Daydream Nation on Wednesday afternoons 12-3pm on KTUH. Plus he's been "subbing" for someone, every Monday from 12 to 3, like for a while now. I think he's the program director for the station too. He swears! Check his blog for playlists as well as other musings and music reviews. (With the same interest and authority as Christian Bale's character in American Psycho trying to impress girls with his reviews of Phil Collins and Whitney Houston)
Whenever my old man tells people that we have a DJ roomie named Ross, they're always "Ross Jackson?!" with some weird sparkle in their eyes. And it's full-on random people who react that way. The realtor. The adopted asexual from Texas. My Black/Japanese sister-in-law. Like, all kine, any kine people. They love his show. Even me.
But you don't gotta know Ross or even like his music (or him) to enjoy his blog. His observations on life in the islands, and other things he enjoys are written kinda purty and sentimental-like, with bit more than a little snooty snuck in. You can alternately lilt and lull on his meanderings, or laugh at his lack of modesty and pretentiousness. He does.If you've ever met him, or heard his show, you know Ross likes to use big or infrequently used words. Sometimes it's cause it's the best word for what he means to say. Other times, he's obviously trying to impress or confuse you (don't let him know if it does). And at least once, I caught him calling me something as I was blogging, I looked it upp, and even he was surprised at its meaning.
So sometimes he's full of wit, other times he's full of shit, but he's not so full of himself that he can't acknowledge it. As much as he likes to aggrandize himself, he'll also make fun of himself and his public persona. Even lets me tease him while he's reminding me how cool and fuckin' elite he is. As long as he lets me mock his bravado, I'll listen to it. It's funny and fun. He gets me pretty good too (not as mean as the gays, but just as painful).

Plus he's realistic, and even honest. Once I asked him "Do you seek approval?" and his reply was "Don't we all?" So see he's just like most of us.
I'll write more of what he told me about working at KTUH and the shows he thinks are important. But later. I just wanted to let y'all know about his blog, because he knows good music.
Plus I wanted y'all to know Ross Jackson is my roommate, 'cause I don't go out much or wear the right clothes, but I'd like for you to think I'm cool. (I'm sure he'll start to think so for the sheer fact that I mention his name so many times.)

Kaleidoscope Tuesday nights @ the Loft

Most Mondays, 12pm to 3pm on KTUH.

Ross Jackson's Daydream Nation, Wednesdays 12pm to 3pm on KTUH FM


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christa said...

wow. kinda bummed i'm just now reading this blog. you are amazing!

more soon, i got a lot of catching up to do